Monday, February 26, 2007

A recap of last week...

We did some interesting things last week. At least WE think they were interesting. I guess if you are a celebrity or jet setting person - this will NOT look interesting. You know what is interesting now? Every time we go somewhere or do something out of our ordinary, I think I must blog about it. I am wondering if this is a new part of my existence that will always be with me now or is it something that is a novelty and will someday wear off. I am not sure, but for now - I feel compelled to come home and tell you all about it. One of the things we did was go to a park called Moccasin Lake. It is close to our house, but I had never been there before. Savannah does a science class with another homeschool mom. She is using Considering God's Creation to teach it. She has Savannah and her daughter Elizabeth who are both 8 and then she has her older daughter who is 13 with other girls her age. This past month they have been learning about animals. This park we went to had some reptiles and amphibians to look at. We also got a guided tour. It was a perfect day to go walking around the park. Sebastian even walked the whole 1 mile loop!

This is Elvis. When we walked to look at the other bird in a cage, Elvis came over and fanned out as if to say, "Hey! Get back here and keep looking at me!"

This was our tour guide. She was very informative and gave them lots of interesting details.

My little field trip trooper!

We also started a new homeschool co-op recently. It is called Co-op of the Arts. It is basically the same bunch of people from our other co-op, but they started this one dedicated to the arts. It is closer to my house and had better options for Savannah. Timmy decided he didn't want to do the other co-op anymore and then Savannah ended up being the only girl in her pe class again. That helped me decide to just switch to this one. At first, I told her she could just do two classes because that is what we were paying for at the other one. With my pay ending soon, we are trying to be frugal since we don't really know what the future holds yet. When my friends heard she would be coming to that co-op, some of them offered to let her come into their class free of charge! How awesome is that? My friend, Susie - the one who teaches science, also teaches art there. She was one that offered and I told her she could raid my arts and crafts closet anytime! Less stuff to pack, right? So, as it turned out, Savannah has a full day there now. She is taking art, baton (she already takes baton on another day - so this is a refresher), hip-hop, mime, and drama plus she has an hour to run and play for lunch. When I arrived to drop her off this Tuesday, I found that her art class was outside and my other friend Vickie is outside all morning. There is a wonderful big sandbox used for volleyball and a basketball court that is all fenced in. Sebastian had a BLAST running and playing there all morning. So much, that I am planning to stay every Tuesday morning until it gets blazing hot outside. It was so nice to get to sit and chat with my friends and let him run and play. It reminded me of how much we used to love our homeschool park day from years and years ago.

The girls are working on their "hot air balloons" in art class! Doesn't that look like a wonderful way to learn? Standing out in the sunshine with friends - not stressing over a STUPID FCAT TEST! Just another thing that makes me so happy we homeschool.

Can you see Sebastian in the background - playing with a ball in the gigantic sandbox?

Okay, the last interesting place we went to was an antique flea market. Tim was up in the northern part of our county on Saturday morning when he came across this flea market. He thought of my mom and gave her a call to see if she would like to ride back up there with him and look around. He didn't think I could go because Savannah had a birthday party. Luckily enough, her birthday party was up that way and we were able to drop her off. He wanted to show me a possible house thing I might have wanted. We dropped Savannah off and were on our way to the flea market. It was so much fun! I got 7 DK Picturepedias for $10 and I got a Clayworks piece for $10. I put that away to be packed, but maybe I will snap a picture of it later. My mom found all sorts of odds and ends that she loved. Tim got Timmy a dragon figurine to go with his other dragon stuff. It was such a pretty day to be out and walking around. We have been working almost every weekend on the house and it had been a long time since we just went and had fun. After we walked around, we stopped at a little diner for lunch. Sebastian was so good! He was up way past his nap time, but he just kept on walking around. It was such a nice surprise outing! How come these things are so fun, but we hardly ever think to do things like that? We really gotta remember to take a little time out to just do fun, out of the ordinary stuff!

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