Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Soccer for Savannah

If you click on these pictures, you should be able to read what the tract says. At least I think it will make it big enough! I hope... who knows... just try it!

Savannah played soccer at a local church this year. This was her second year playing. Last year she somehow got put on the wrong aged team. She did okay, but it was a bit intimidating because they were all really good players with experience. They won just about every game last year. This year... she was put on the right aged team. All of the girls were new to soccer except Savannah and I think one other girl. As you can probably guess, they didn't win many games - okay - they didn't win any games. BUT... BUT... BUT... here's the thing... Savannah had the BEST TIME! She didn't feel intimidated at all and had so much fun. She loved going to every practice and every game. I am so happy she got the chance to do this and I am so pleased that she found out that it was so much more important that she was having fun. Her coach was great with them. There were days I would think he would have wanted to get a little ticked off because they just didn't seem to "get it". He didn't. He was so patient and kind. Anyway, they had their last game and an awards ceremony on Saturday. In the past, they have always gotten a trophy. Timmy used to play basketball there and he got a trophy for that too. This year, they did something different. They gave out a soccer ball - a colored soccer ball. The colors represent Sin, Jesus, Forgiveness, Growth. Tim and I were really pleased with this idea. Not only did we not have another trophy to sit on a shelf, but what a great idea. Savannah was sorta hoping for another trophy! Oh well! She happily took the ball.

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