Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can you stand another house post?

Here is where we are currently... Our realtor rejected the bank's counter offer on Friday morning. I spoke with her for some time yesterday afternoon. We have decided to go up a little on our offer if the bank will agree to push the closing date out a little farther. The realtor said she thought that we should let the bank think they lost us for at least from Friday morning to Monday some time. If another bid comes in - it has to come through our realtor's office to be submitted. We would have a chance to get our bid put in. She also told us that she did these monthly reports for the bank where she shows what comp prices are going for, where she thinks they should price it, etc. She submitted her most current one on Thursday. She said that in it - she strongly suggested a price reduction on this house. She said that whoever makes that decision may take a day or two to reflect her suggestions and we should not up our bid too quickly. For right now, we are going to take her advice and see what happens next week.

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