Tuesday, March 27, 2007

House update...

I got a call from the realtor lady this afternoon. She said the bank came back with an offer on Sunday, but she was having a medical procedure done on Monday - didn't get it till today. And... they came down about $5000. Still not enough for our price. She didn't even let me respond - she just went into, "This is what I want you to do. I want to resubmit the last bid again and note very clearly that this IS your HIGHEST and BEST offer." She said that sometimes you just have to keep resubmitting the same amount to let them know that they really aren't going to get you to go up. I have no idea if that will work, but seeing as that was the most we could bid... I guess this will have to do. The realtor also said she was putting in 5pm today as the deadline. Ummm... it is 10:38pm and we haven't heard anything. I guess we will see what tomorrow holds. Keep praying for the right thing to happen. Thanks!

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