Monday, March 26, 2007

Pictures from brownies and co-op last week...

It has been awhile since I posted some general day to day pictures. I have been so wrapped up in house stuff, I just haven't found the energy to come here and be too creative. I snapped some pictures with my handy dandy camera phone last week. It doesn't take the best quality pictures, but it works good enough for a few of those quick shots I may not have ever gotten otherwise. I still would love a tiny digital camera I could keep in my purse... maybe someday!

Savannah's brownie troop posing for a picture for the homeschool yearbook.

Our annual "playground shot" for the yearbook. We almost forgot "Puppy" in the picture. Savannah has had Puppy in the picture for the last few years. Puppy is their mascot.

Savannah's brownie leader also teaches art at our co-op. They were doing sand art outside last week. I was chit-chatting away, when I turned around and saw that she had set Sebastian up with his very own art project! Awwww... his first real art class!

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