Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some house news...

It is not the news we were hoping for. We got the counter offer today. It was about $10,000 more than we ever thought it would be. The realtor feels it is too much. She said the bank has an appraisal and they are wanting to stick close to that. She has an email and a phone call into them telling them that this is a good offer. We decided to up our bid by $2,500 and half of closing costs. That is our limit of what we can do without selling this house. It is the most we want to spend knowing that we will have to make repairs and want to build a garage. It is still $10,000 less than what they are asking us to come up with. They barely came down on their asking price at all. They only went down $2,000! Our offer will go in tomorrow. They got another offer, but it does not have a pre-qual letter. So, it won't be submitted without that. I guess we have done all we can do. I really don't know what else we could or should do. It just does not make financial sense to spend more on this house. It is funny how tied to a house you can become without even buying it! Crazy! I am sure it will probably be next week before we hear about our counteroffer. Another weekend! Crazy!

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