Friday, March 16, 2007

More house stuff...

I realize I posted about buying a house and never really came back with what happened next. I don't know if anyone is really dying to know or not, but I felt like I had to post it here. We put in a bid on the "older" home. When I called to tell my very nice realtor, he didn't sound like he loved our really low - trying to get some super deal - bid. Fine. I told him I knew it was really low, but I thought we could try and see what they came back with. He said he would call me back with more questions and get it rolling. He did call back, but he had news I didn't want to hear. Somebody else put a bid on the house. My brother-in-law had told me he saw 3 people go there on Sunday. The one guy got out of the truck with BEER in hand to walk around the house. Yes, my brother-in-law was so very happy to see that! NOT! I have to wonder if when I spoke with the neighbor across the street about possibly bidding - she thought of someone who was interested too. Or maybe I am paranoid. It is very possible. Anyway, our realtor couldn't tell us the other bid amount, but he could say ours was too low. Fine. How low? Did they bid $1000 more than us or $10,000 more. He didn't know. I talked to Tim when he got home and he called the realtor. He asked him how much of the "high low game" could be play. He said he would call and see if he could get any hints. That whole evening we talked and talked it to death over what we should do. Should we bid more? Tim would ask me how much I wanted the house. I just didn't know the answer to that. It is all so emotional. I feel like I could hide in my bed for weeks and not think about this. Part of me wanted that new house. Then I saw this one and I couldn't help but wonder if that was exactly what God had planned for us. I know I talk/write about my sister-in-law, Debi, a lot. Some people may think I write or talk too much. I don't care. She was such a huge part of my life and to be looking at a house right next door to her family is huge. Tim's sisters Karen and Jennifer moved into the house across the street from theirs only 5 months before Debi died. I have always believe that God knew Debi's time and he put them across the street for a very good reason. Now I have to wonder if this house is where we are supposed to be. I just didn't know. I told Tim that I needed him to decide and that we would go with that. He said he felt like we should bid higher and give it a try. The next morning, the realtor called and gave us pretty narrow range to shoot for. We submitted a bid. Yesterday, we heard from the bank sellers and basically they wanted us and the other bidders to submit what they call our "highest and best offer". Our realtor told us that the other bidders did not put down hardly any earnest money and that could be viewed as a problem. They also will finance, where we will use a home equity line of credit that comes in as a cash closing. He told us he felt comfortable with us keeping our bid price the same and possibly upping our earnest money. That is what we did and that new offer went in this morning. Of course, we didn't get an answer today and will have to wait through the weekend. At this point, I feel like we did what would could and now it is just up to God to decide if that is where we are supposed to be. It has been really tough this week. I am nervous about another house without selling this one and nervous about so many other things! I am just going to try to forget it about it for the weekend and see what happens on Monday. Pray for the right thing to happen.


Jennifer said...

Hey Kari,
I started reading your blog last week when you posted on the WTM board about your two house possibilities. I'm eager to see if you get this house! Keep us posted. I know this is a stressful time for y'all!
Are you getting your house ready to go on the market (hence the reason for painting your pool)? My husband and I have pulled some late nighters as well in very similar situations. We bought a 70's fixer-upper 9 months ago and are still knee deep in projects. It's worth it though.
Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Kari - I am glad you are bidding on the house across the street. I pray you get it. :)
- Bev from WP families