Thursday, March 29, 2007

More house news...

It is not what we wanted to hear. They came back with an offer of $1000 less than the last one. That still puts it about $5000 over what we want to ideally pay. We don't know what we will do next. I am very, very torn on whether we should spend more money on this house. My brother-in-law feels it is worth this amount and I do trust his opinion. BUT... we have not sold our house and if we offered more it would mean we would have to take those funds from our savings account. My pay will be ending in April. That means we will be drawing on our savings until we move. It is all so scary. If I had any idea how long it will take to sell our house or how much we will make off of it... that would make our decision easier. Unfortunately, I am not psychic! On one hand, I feel that we are THIS close to getting this house and how can I let a couple thousand dollars stand in they way. On the other hand, I think about how those couple thousand dollars might really be needed down the road. Sometimes it is NO FUN being a grown up! One idea I came up with is going up a little on our offer, but asking them to close at a later date - say June 30th. That gives us more time to try to sell our house and less time of paying that interest only loan on the second house. That is a savings of $$$ that could be put into the offer price. I have no idea if they would consider that or not. I am thinking I should talk to the realtor about it tomorrow. It is so hard to know what to do because I am emotionally attached to this house now. I didn't think that could or would happen so fast. I am constantly wondering if God wants us to be next door to our family. Is He putting me there because he knows how much I love Debi's children and wants me to be there with them? I just don't know the answer to that. I realize that if He wants me there, then that is where I will be. How do I know when I am supposed to bid more or when I am supposed to stop? It is all so very frustrating! I guess I will try to sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings.

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Anonymous said...

Kari - You could just leave it in God's hands. If the house is really for you, you could just wait until you sell your current house. Perhaps if it is still available, the bank would be happy to let you have it at your curent offer.

It was nice meeting you at the WP retreat.
- BevG