Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A lame attempt at a post...

I just looked at my counter and saw that many of my friends and family have been checking my blog today. I am so sorry there has been no new posts. I wasn't THAT busy that I couldn't have found something to post about. I just didn't do it. I sat down TWICE today trying to come up with something to write. I looked back at some pictures. There are a few pictures I had wanted to post weeks ago and never really got to it. Yesterday and today were pretty typical days. I went grocery shopping yesterday and cleaned. I did laundry and cleaned today. I did work on my Christmas cards and will hopefully be getting them out soon. I still need Timmy's pictures. I guess I am in a funk over the house things still. I was so hoping for some type of Christmas miracle that my house would be sold. I am feeling that is not going to happen, so I am not coming up with a lot to post about. I need to write my Christmas letter too. That is pretty hard to do when I am not inspired. I keep thinking it will all come to me and my typing fingers, but no such luck as of yet. To top it all off... we are still working on potty training. UGH! This is not working! I don't know what to about that. I think the boy needs to drink lactaid to help with his digestion or something. More than you probably ever wanted to know, huh? Well, there you have my lame attempt at a post. I feel bad when I see so many people came to read my blog and I haven't added anything new. I really hope inspiration comes back soon. Until then, here are some pictures for a few weeks ago. We met Tim for lunch at the McDonald's on the water. We had some cookies and I scrounged the bottom of the diaper bag for a baggie of cereal. They had a blast feeding the seagulls!

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