Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sean and Haley...

My nephew, Sean, got married today. He married this wonderful young lady by the name of Haley. I met Haley this past March and instantly fell in love with her. I can only hope and pray that my son will find a girl like her. She is smart and loving and just a joy to be around. I didn't go to the wedding because we are set to go to SC the day after Christmas. I just couldn't make the trip twice in about a week's time. I am hoping somebody (hint family) will send me some pictures of the actual wedding soon. Okay, here is my sentimental mushy part of this post. I just can't believe Sean is married. I sware it seems like just yesterday that Debi and I were pregnant with our first boys. Wasn't she just telling me about teaching him to read with Sing, Spell, Read and Write? Where did all the time go and how did he get old enough to be a husband? Ya know... I married young - at 18 - just like them. Somehow I didn't feel like I was so young when I got married. Now that I am a mom and older, they just seem so young! Funny how that happens, huh? I pray they have a happy and fulfilling marriage. I pray they stick together through the tough times (there will be tough times). I pray they trust in each other and talk to each other. I pray so many things for them. Most of all, I pray that they believe in each other and their marriage. If they do that, they will get through anything! Congratulations, Sean and Haley!

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