Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trees, boxes and hugs...

Yesterday was not a great day. I know I don't whine here, but yesterday was not a great day. I woke up and decided to plug the Christmas tree lights in. I had this BRILLIANT idea to leave the back bottom branch off the tree and sorta scoot the back branches that go up to the right or left of the tree. That made it set up against the wall better and not stick out in the middle of my living room. I will post pictures when it is all decorated, maybe. Usually, we put it on the corner by the couch. We end up moving the couch and rocking chair down. It doesn't look all symmetrical when we are done. I thought since just maybe somebody would come to buy my house, that I would try to keep the furniture in a good place and do this. In theory it seemed to be working out well. I was even wondering why I hadn't thought to do this before. (Well, years ago there was an aquarium where the tree is now - I couldn't have moved that!)As I was saying, I went to plug the tree in. The outlet is DIRECTLY behind the tree. I had to reach through the branches and plug it in. When I set the tree up, I remember thinking I should get extension cord, so I wouldn't have to reach into the tree. I hadn't done that yet. There went the tree! It just fell over! I screamed for Timmy to help me! He came running and I just lost it. All I could imagine was that all of my ornaments were broken! I was a wreck! Timmy lifted the tree up to find that only 2 ornaments had broken. One can be fixed, the other not so much. We got the tree back in place and I rearranged the lights and garland. It still needs more ornaments, but I think it will be okay. We also put a power strip where it is easy to reach. Next up, Timmy and I went to our storage unit. I have been needing to get some things out of there. Winter clothes, hot cocoa maker (yes, I am obsessed with hot cocoa), sewing machine and most of all - a box of Christmas gifts. I found everything I was looking for except the most important box of Christmas gifts. I thought maybe I had stored it in our shed, but when I got home and looked - no luck. I was just so down. Actually, I still am pretty bummed about it. It has all sorts of gifts in it for our family plus Christmas cards and some stocking stuffers. I just laid down on my bed and cried. I am tired. I am worn out and I am just plain tired of trying to sell my house. This sure sounds like a whiny post, huh? I know... keep reading. I am whiny and I am frustrated. I am trying to potty train Sebastian this week and it is not working. Life is just not exactly what I want it to be. As I laid on my bed and cried, I started thinking about things. I was trying my best to pull myself out of my pity party. I thought about how I was very lucky that I had a strong and helpful 18 year old son to rescue my tree that morning. I thought about Timmy some more - about how he helped me search through the storage unit. We even had a few good laughs (not that I was laughing when he and his friend closed me INSIDE the storage unit!). I started thinking about options to replace the Christmas presents in the box. I realized that I am blessed with an extended family that really doesn't care all that much what we give them. Tim's brother and sisters are great people. My sisters are great people. They would be happy with whatever we gave them. I realized that while I have really cute cards in that box, that as long as I take a moment to write a Christmas letter - that was all that I really needed. I won't say that I cheered myself up sky high or anything, but I wasn't crying anymore. Tim called me on his way home like he always does. I told him that I couldn't find my box. He did what he always does... he told me he would find it for me. Somehow I always believe he CAN fix my problem. It is amazing that I can search through tons of boxes and feel completely lost and then he can just say, "I will find it" and I feel like he will. Best of all, when he came home... he told me that I looked like I could use a hug. He gave me the best hug and somehow I just knew it would be all better.

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