Sunday, December 23, 2007

A message from another blog...

Today has been busy, busy. There was making sugar cookies, fudge, mashed potatoes bake (for Christmas Day) and the list goes on. Like I said - busy, busy! I did take some time this morning to read some blogs I enjoy. One of them is Sarah's In the Midst of It. I wrote about her blog last year. I was praying for her sweet little girl's health. Anyway, her husband is a pastor at a church in Texas. She linked to a sermon he gave last week. I went ahead and clicked... I was really glad I did! Here is the funny thing... at one point while he is speaking, he says, "It's not about you, Kari!" I was like.... whoa... that was weird! Even Savannah looked up from her playdough and asked if he was talking to me. Too funny! If you have a minute and want to be inspired check out this link. Tomorrow will also be busy, busy. There are more cookies to bake. Yes, more! There can never be enough cookies, can there? Then there is cleaning to do - since we are leaving the day after Christmas. Just in case somebody wants to come and buy my house while we are gone. I am sure the day will zip by and before I know it - it will be Christmas Eve. I am not going to promise a post between now and a day or so after Christmas. I am sure I have things to share, but I don't know how diligent I will be at getting my list done. Come back in and check on me.

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