Monday, January 29, 2007

Because my sister is having withdrawals from my blog...

I am soooooooooo SORRY Leann. I did not mean to cause you any withdrawals! I know I said I would post pictures yesterday. I even felt guilt last night when I realized I hadn't gotten to it. You see, we ended up going to more that two open houses. We went to 5 or 6 and if you know Tim... you know he is a talker. He talked a lot! It was fun though. If I was staying here and had more money, I found a house I would have loved to have. Oh, that's right - we weren't really house shopping! Silly me! What did see was promising. The houses were bigger than ours, but most without a pool and all but one without any serious upgrades. One woman even proudly told us that the house was a 1962 Ruttenberg and all the tile, tubs, sinks were ORIGINAL! They were in very, very good condition, but they were PINK and I think what you call Cornflower Blue. I am not talking a little bit of tile - the whole bathrooms were tiled in this awful color. That house was very large, but the good news - she was asking $20,000 more than we are hoping for ours and she didn't have a pool. Let's hope we are in the right line of thinking for price. All of the realtors said that their sales have picked up quite a bit in the last month. They told us that we will not see record breaking years like before for sales, but we should see a typical year and not to fret over the gloom and doom that we read. All in all, it was a good afternoon. Then when I got home, I had to get making the stuff to go with the turkey. Then we ate, then I HAD to watch my dvr'd You're The One - Grease show. You know that was a very high priority. Then I helped Tim with cleaning up the walk-in closet and stuff. Put the kids to bed and watched some tv with Tim. There is my excuse for not, not, not posting any pictures. I am truly very sorry. Please keep coming back! Oh, the pictures are NOT of the actual house - I found them on google to give you an idea of the lovely tile.

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