Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Google Earth and my mom...

We were supposed to go to the zoo today, but the trip got cancelled. I decided to take the kids to eat lunch with Daddy because Savannah was bummed about the no zoo day. Tim stayed for his lunch hour and then left me to let the kids play in the play place for awhile longer. I decided while the kids were in the play place at Chick-Fil-A to take the golden opportunity to make a phone call without constant screaming of my children interruptions. I wanted to call the Rymarc Homes Office. When we visited it there in December of 2005, we found a home model that we loved. The week I found out I was laid off and we decided to move, I called the Rymarc office and found out the subdivision we wanted to build in was full. They still had other ones, but that one had half acre lots and the other ones near where we wanted to be only had quarter acre lots. It is not a huge deal, but one of the many things we have been tossing around. Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Karen, was kind enough to look at a house in her neighborhood for us. It is right next door to my brother-in-law's house and right across the street from her house. It is a big house and on an acre. It needed work even though it is only 6 years old. It is NOT the floor plan I would choose at all, but I was willing to consider it because it had an acre of land. For some reason most men seem to have some crazy infatuation with land. After I showed Tim the super pictures his sister took, he told me that as much as he would love an acre of land - he would rather have less land and the house I loved. How sweet, huh? So, that brings me to calling the Rymarc lady again today. She remembered me! I asked her if the prices had gone up... they had a little bit. Then I asked her about a new subdivision that was supposed to get started this year. She told me they were ready to build there now and they have half acre lots! Then she told me about where it was located and that seemed within 8 miles from our family. Another great thing. That brings me to my mom. I have written about my mom many, many times. She is a huge part of my life. Today, I called my mom on my way home from meeting Tim for lunch. I told her what the Rymarc lady said. If you haven't followed all the twists and turns of my life... my mom is selling her home and moving with us (along with my sister, Michelle, who lives with my mom). My mom has been to SC exactly once. That was 6 years ago. She spent about 24 hours at my brother-in-law's home before we headed to Charleston for a day. She really doesn't know much about SC except that is where Tim and I have decided to move. She takes that information and decides at 66 years old, she will move too. Is that a wonderful mother/grandmother or what? It reminds me of when she moved us to Florida 16 years ago. She took her very ill husband, a 20 something son, an 18 year old girl with her new husband and baby (that would be me, Tim, and Timmy), bought a large van, sold the house, packed us up and had her new 19 year old son-in-law (that would be Tim) drive from Illinois to Florida without looking back. She did not know what the exact plan would be when we got her. She knew her husband (that would be my dad! LOL!) was sick and wanted to spend his days in Florida. So, she went! Just like that! And now, she is doing it again. She knows her daughter (that would be me) doesn't want to leave her kids and she knows her son-in-law (that would be Tim) wants to change is career path. So, she goes! Just like that! Well, we chat on the phone until I get almost home. I tell her I got to go and get the kids out of the car. I come in and sit down to check my email. There my mom is im'ing me online. Yes, it really happened about that fast. She has Google Earth on her computer and she has found where she thinks this new Rymarc neighborhood should be. Then she has found a possible home for herself just minutes away. Or maybe I found it... I am not sure who found the home she is now in love with. How computer savvy is that for a grandma? We are taking her up there at the beginning of March. Just around her 67th birthday. She can hardly wait to go! I only can hope that I have an ounce of my mom's determination and faith. If I am that lucky, I am sure it will carry me anywhere!

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