Monday, January 08, 2007


You know how there are families that have a game night each week or at least every so often? Well... we are NOT that family. We do have quite a few games, but for the most part we never, ever play them. Sure - there has been the occasion where we got into gameplaying for a short time, but never anything like a routine. When Savannah was learning her numbers, she loved to play Harry Potter Uno. She actually got quite good at it. This was an excellent way to get her to recognize her numbers. Over the years, I have purchased educational games like any "good" homeschool parent should. Junior Scrabble, Somebody, Cash Flow for Kids, and some Misc. Math games kit - just to name a few. Of those I just listed, we have never played them! Not once! I kid you not - I spent something like $20 on that Somebody game because we were going to learn about the human body in 1st or 2nd grade. I still can't believe I never once got the darn game out. Oh well, you win some and you lose some - ha! Just like in games! This brings me to yesterday. It was a pretty typical Sunday afternoon. Tim was working on cutting tile for the closet. Sebastian was napping. Timmy came home from a friend's. Savannah asked me to play Monopoly or Sorry. At first, my gut instinct was to say NO. Then I was like - why not? I am not doing anything, anyway. I told her I would play Sorry. She asked why not Monopoly. It is not secret that you either love or hate Monopoly. I happen to be in the haters camp. Okay, I will admit I have only played a few times. Those few times, I would think I was ahead and may possibly beat Tim - only to lose so miserably that I decided I hated the game. Don't get me wrong, I don't have to win to like a game - but hours and hours of Monopoly and never even CLOSE to a win - that is just too much! We did end up playing a very nice game of Sorry. When Timmy arrived home, he told Savannah he would play a game of Monopoly. This caused her pure excitement! They began their game and Tim eventually ended up at the table. It was too late to start his own piece, but he coached Savannah along. Sebastian was there "helping" the whole time. If you notice in the picture, I tried giving him puzzles to keep him happy. Eventually, he settled on Reeses Pieces for his joy. I think the game took about 2 hours. I watched some things on my DVR while they played on. Then it occurred to me that MY FAMILY WAS PLAYING A GAME! They were all right there and peaceful. They were enjoying a simple game together. Such a small thing, but so very nice to look over at and see them all together. When things have been stressful the way they have been around here, when you have days where you are feeling a little overwhelmed, when you are just plain tired - this is a wonderful way of SEEING all the blessings right before your very eyes! I was so glad for the reminder, but I still don't see us being one of those families with a weekly game night!


Anonymous said...

I am so with you in the haters camp! The less people you have playing, the longer it takes! My son and I played for FOUR hours once! Never again.

Anonymous said...

oops that was DKinTX (Denise) from WTM board

Jane said...

We just had friends over for dinner the other night to play games. They can not afford a sitter for their son, so game night is the one way we can see them and still entertain him. We played a card game called 99 that was really fun. They like the game because it works on addition skills. I am actually going to blog about it one day this week...the adults liked it that much!