Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yet another new format...

Update: My mom just interpreted the meaning of the caption for me. Makes perfect sense now and seems to fit me so well. She says is means that no matter how bad things get you always know they will get better. I guess I flunked poetry!

I found this one when I was looking for a Christmas format, but didn't really think it was Christmas - y. I thought it was so pretty though. I don't really get the caption, "In the depth of winter I finally realized in me lay an invincible summer." I didn't pick it for that... I just thought the horses were soooooo incredibly pretty. They reminded me of Savannah since she is so horse crazy at the moment. This may not be exciting to some, but I get so excited when I mess around with the html on these blogs. Sometimes I can find a blog that I sorta like, but maybe I don't like the color of the letters or the size etc. Sometimes they don't have the comments section at the end of the post. It is not really rocket science, but it took me a little while figure it out initially. I could take a blog template I liked and cut the code from there and add it back into mine. On this one I just did... I didn't like how small the letters were, so I found where that was in the html. I also changed the color while I was there. Next, it was missing the archives on the sidebar. I grabbed that code from my last template and put the archives back. Next, I didn't like the color of the archives and links... no problem I just put at different color code in. Finally, my comments were missing from this new format. Again, I just took the comments section from my other html code and put it back. Clear as mud, huh? Somehow, I think this makes me believe I do actually have a tiny, little bit of brainpower left after having children!

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