Sunday, January 28, 2007

Has it been almost a week since I wrote???

Where did the time go? I have at least 3 things I have thought about putting on my blog this week. I have to actually go look at my pictures to remember though! I am getting ready to go to two open houses today. Yes, we are being NOSY and seeing how nice the other houses are and what they are asking. We also want to talk to some realtors and see what they think. I will write more on that when we get back. I also have a turkey cooking for dinner and it is not even a holiday! Imagine that? Seriously, you can get great deals on turkeys after the holidays. I only wish I had a deep freeze - I would have picked up a few and stuck them away. Yes, the deep freezer is on my want list for when we move. That and about a 100 other things. See why we need to see how much we can sell our house for? LOL! I have a whole big long want list! When we get back, I am hoping the baseboards will go in the walk-in closet and living room. If that happens, I will have pictures to post of the oh, so exciting walk-in closet. I know you have been just waing on those and checking in here every single day, right? It is sorta a busy day, I I do really plan to put some of those pictures and things on here this afternoon as soon as Sebastian goes down for his nap. So, please come back and take a look!

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Leann said...

What no pics yet? I'm very disappointed. I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms. Please Please post the pics. I've been on here at least 3 or 4 times looking for those pics LOL