Friday, January 12, 2007

Rescue Me

I am a "change the radio station" junkie. Seriously, my mom says I "key" the radio buttons like I key a computer. I do have some cds, but not an overwhelming amount. I don't usually like to listen to the sames song over and over again. I prefer flipping through the stations to see what is on. There are a FEW exceptions - I still love my Faith Hill Fireflies cd very much. I guess when I get a new cd I like, I do play it over and over for quite awhile. Then it goes into my cd case in the side pocket of my door. Very occasionally, I will open it up and take out an older cd. And THAT is what brings me to my post - Rescue Me. I love Wynonna Judd. I have for years and years. Unfortunately Country Music radio never seems to play her cds. I don't know the reasons why - maybe since she is just one Judd and not with her mom. Who knows! So, I have bought many of her cds or I would never hear her. I happened to pop this one in last night and remembered just how much I liked this cd. I bought it in 2003. Shortly after I bought it, two things happened. We took our family including my mom, sister and 18 year old niece on a vacation to the Florida Keys. If you are familiar with National Lampoon's Vacation, you will understand why we refer to this as our "Griswald Vacation". It was absolutely miserable! Tim ended up in the hospital with kidney stones. This could seriously be the topic of another blog entry some day. Anyway, after Tim had a minor surgery to help with kidney stones, he decided we could stay one more day. He stayed at the condo with Timmy and sent all of the girls down to Key West. I love Key West! I love the shops, I love Mallory Square, I just love it. My wonderful husband knew my love for it and suffered for an extra day. What the heck does this have to do with this song? I know... I am getting there... As we drove over the Seven Mile Bridge, this song was playing on my cd. It was just beautiful. The second thing that happened was that my very best from since I was a kid, lost her two baby girl twins prematurely. It was so hard to understand and help her when I was so far away. I would listen to this song and think about her. I ended up sending her the cd for Christmas that year. Well, all of a sudden, I realized how much I missed listening to this cd and I found it at a perfect time. I have been slightly down and worried and stressed this week. Nothing new to put me in that state, just thinking about the seriously huge things that need to happen in the next few months. It makes me tired and worn out. Then I listened to this song and it helped me to remember ONCE AGAIN (how many times have I posted something like this) to put into
God's hands. I hope you enjoy the song even if you are ONE OF THOSE that says they DO NOT like country music. Oh and there is NO VIDEO - just music. I couldn't find any video. Sorry.

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Leann said...

Kari keep putting your hand in the hand of the man who can still the waters and calm the seas, and you'll get exactly where you need to be.

Love Ya,