Monday, January 29, 2007

Random things from the previous week...

As I said on Sunday, I had a few things I thought about blogging about... Here they are!

Milk, milk and more milk... I shop at Sam's club every two weeks. When I go, I buy 7 or 8 gallons of milk. This will last us for two weeks. I have mentioned before that Sebastian doesn't really eat. He does drink milk. Lots of it! He can only have skim milk, because for some reason milkfat causes him to be extremely crabby. If he could drink whole milk, I would not have to worry about how scrawny he is, but he can't, so I worry. Tim II also eats cereal about every meal he eats at home. This is NOT because there are no other options - he just chooses cereal. I used to buy 6 gallons at a time, until I found a way to fit 8 gallons in my fridge. When I bought 6 gallons, occasionally somebody would stop me in the store and ask me how many kids I had. Now that I buy 8 gallons, I ALWAYS get stopped. Not once a trip, but at least twice and in the case of last week, I was stopped 3 times by interested people. I had a not so nice older lady tell me the milk would go bad if I got it for two weeks. I nicely showed her the sell by date and told her that I had been doing this for 2 years and hadn't had a problem yet. Don't you love it when people try to tell you what your doing wrong, when they don't even know you and you didn't ask there opinion?

Sebastian's first hair cut. His bangs were getting in his eyes, so I cautiously let Tim trim them. I warned him if he cut off all his baby curls that I would be mad - I would be BEYOND FURIOUS and CRY FOR DAYS, MAYBE WEEKS!!! He knew he did not want to chance that and only cut his bangs. I have his agreement that he will wait until he is 3 before we cut the curls.

Here Sebastian is with his new look. By the way, does he look like a girl? A few strangers have called him a girl. Just yesterday, a realtor asked me if he was a boy or a girl. He was wearing dark navy blue sweats, a navy blue pooh and tigger shirt, and black tennis shoes. How girly could he look?

This is the finished closet. Well, almost finished. We have to put up a new hanging rack thingy and then we will move the clothes from where they are into the actual closet. It doesn't look like much, but you would have had to see how it used to have a door directly where you are looking at. He took that out, moved the plumbing, electric, drain, washer and dryer to get it back to being a closet. It really was a huge job and it looks so nice! The only way I am accepting that I had to live WITHOUT this big closet for the last 7 years is to think about the walk-in closet we will have in our new house! Otherwise, I would really be whining that I had to wait 7 years for him to do this closet. But, I am not whining... nope, not me!

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