Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Painting the pantry...

So, last Friday, I decided to paint the pantry. I told Tim that THIS would be what sold the house. Say somebody goes to 5 very similar houses - then they come to ours. They open the pantry and go WOW! They painted the pantry! We must take this house over all the others. I told him that it wouldn't be the new kitchen or bathrooms he installed - nope it would be the nice and clean pantry! Shhhhh... please don't tell me I have lost my mind. I am already suspecting that, but I can's bear to here it from anyone else. While it sounded like a good idea, once I took all the stuff out, it LOOKED less like a good idea. How did I cram that much stuff in that pantry? I am happy to say it got finished pretty quickly. I even packed up all my Christmas dishes and got them stored out in the shed. I am not sure I want to think about cleaning the craft closet at this point. The pantry was scary enough!

This is the BEFORE shot of the pantry. Well it is after I took the stuff out, of course!

This is all the STUFF from the pantry! I told you it was a lot! How come everyone says we have nothing to eat?

I forgot to take a picture of it painted without stuff in it... this is the AFTER with stuff in there.

And here is the door I hadn't painted since it was installed 2 years ago! It looks so much nicer now!


Karen C said...

YUK! I hate painting pantries and closets. You always end up at some weird angle where you are either sticking your hair or your backside in the paint! LOL!

Kari C in FL said...

Yep! I got paint in the top of my hair and had to go to soccer that way! LOL! My neighbor pointed it out to me! I was so happy to know - not!