Friday, October 05, 2007

Have you ever seen an ELEPHANT dance?

We have! We went to Busch Gardens on Savannah's birthday. After we finished off our much needed funnel cake - we walked past the elephants. At first I thought he just "looked" like he was dancing from the distance. As we got closer - we realized there were speakers with music right by him. He was dancing and he had great rhythm. I told Savannah he was dancing because it was her birthday! She sure got a kick out of that. Anyway, I took some video on my regular camera just so you could say that you have indeed seen an elephant dance!

We also stopped along the way and took a picture with the pretty fall decor. This was the ONLY pretty fall decor we found - the rest was covered up Halloween Horror night decor. Not so pretty to say the least.

Next we went to Timbuktu and road the rides that they love there. Savannah really likes this one ride, but Sebastian is too small and I am a ride wimp. She got to ride this one all by herself - LITERALLY! There was nobody else on the entire ride. Just her - you guessed it - because it was HER BIRTHDAY!

Finally, this is what my kids look like after a busy day of riding all the rides they wanted at Busch Gardens. I want to get back there on a cool day and actually see all the wonderful animals they have there. Hopefully before we move (if we ever really move)!

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