Saturday, October 06, 2007

Maybe this will be IT...

UPDATE: The first realtor came and went. Not sure what to think of it. Then another realtor called during the party and brought a couple that had been to one of our open houses. Who would of thought that I would have not one, but two showings during this birthday party? Not me! Anyway, I will post more party details and pictures tomorrow.

Today we are having Savannah's birthday party with all her friends. It is here at our house. I haven't had a house showing all week. Not a one! This morning as sure as you could bet on it - I got a call from a realtor wanting to show the house between 3 and 4. I told her that was fine, but that we wouldn't be able to vacate since we were having a birthday party at that time. She was REALLY NICE about it and said not to worry. Her client is only in town for the weekend and very much would like to see our house. No mind you - every time we have a showing - I take the kids and dog to Grandma's and make my house METICULOUS! Needless to say, there will be kids here and somehow I doubt my house will remain all that clean in the time they are here. Oh well! It is up to God now! If this is who He has chosen to buy my house, then they will love it no matter who or what is going on when they see. I sure hope they are the ones!

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