Friday, October 26, 2007


About five minutes after I wrote my last post, I went to look in our mailbox. I have been avoiding the mailbox here. It has not brought us any good news since we bought this house. We were assessed a lien for a dam on the lake we knew nothing about. Then there has been past due dues on the lake that I can't get anyone to send me the info on, etc. The mailbox has not been a happy place. But, I bit the bullet and checked the mailbox. There was my property tax bill! Oh JOY! I knew what the taxes on this house were last year. I assumed they would go up because that is usually what happens when you purchase a house. I knew this and was prepared for it. That doesn't mean it wasn't a cause of my hyperventilating over money issues when I realized Tim was going to be off of work for two weeks. I told him we had to pay the house taxes soon and it was just a weight on my mind. Anyway... what am I trying to say? God provides! I opened my tax bill with dread only to find that it was 40% LESS than last year's tax bill! YES - I said LESS! I kept reading it over and over. You know what else? The amount that it was less is just about EQUAL to his two weeks off without pay! Amazing, huh? I didn't post about this when it happened, but now seems like a good time to put it in this post. Remember when I said our AC was stolen and few other things were damaged? We had to turn that in on our home owner's insurance. They ended up paying for the AC and then there was payment for the repairs. Tim will do those repairs, so we came out ahead and that is what has kept us afloat waiting for the house to sell. Again, our needs were provided for. Amazing! We are nowhere near out of the woods with all this house stuff yet. We still need to sell our house and fast would be great, but somehow it seems to keep working out. I am trying really hard to keep believing it will work out. Just keep praying for us!

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