Thursday, October 25, 2007

A recap or something like that...

Here is the recap of my crazy week. Last Wednesday night, Tim was riding a mini-motorcycle. It went out of control and he crashed. He got quite a bit road rash and little did we know - he had broken his collar bone in 3 places. He did not tell me he was that hurt. He went to work on Thursday and Friday without really saying much. His boss was away those two days, so they really needed him (small mechanic shop). He didn't say a whole lost during the weekend either. Here and there, he would gasp with pain, but not a lot. Back up to that Thursday, Sebastian woke up vomiting. He threw up every hour on the hour. I had an appointment for a realtor to come that we ended up hiring. I also had another realtor be a no show for a showing. It was a stressful day! We did end up hiring the realtor. Now a week later - I am not sure what good that is doing. Just will cost us more money later. I guess we can only wait and see. Are you seeing the stress from this past week? On Monday, Tim went to work and his boss when nutso because of his injury. He demanded a doctor note saying he could only work light line, etc. We no longer have health insurance since I lost my job. So, off to get an x-ray and then he called his general doctor to see what he suggested. The x-ray showed a pretty bad break. We made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor for Tuesday morning. Now here is the blessing in this... she only charged him for a general office visit to the price of $72 and even gave him the back brace for free. If she had put in as a broken collar bone, it would have been more than $500 up to $800. That was great and an answered prayer. The bad news is he will have to be off for 2 weeks without pay. Not exactly what we need at this point with 2 house payments, but what are we going to do? The blessing is that he didn't need surgery! Since, he had to be off of work he wanted to come up to the house here in SC. We loaded everyone up and took off. We were supposed to stay in a hotel and make the rest of the trip on Wednesday, but the kids were so good and I wasn't tired. I just drove all the way with the help of Jessica (my sister-in-law) chatting with me on the phone. We haven't done a whole lot since we have been here. Just visiting with family. We did head out and get knobs for our cabinets today and plan to put all the doors on. Maybe he will be able to get the trim and baseboards on the cabinets too. We will see. Then I will post pictures. I am going to go paint a second coat on Timmy's floor now. I am trying to decide if I want to strip the paint off the front steps or just paint them again. Decisions, decisions... Anyway, it sure was a rough week. I am glad we have gotten away for a bit. We still need to really, really sell our house soon and he really, really needs to heal well. Please pray for all of these things to work out. We would really appreciate it!

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