Monday, October 15, 2007

Savannah's birthday party - finally!

It has been busy here as usual. I spent a lot of time trying to market our house at the end of last week and then decided to ditch it all and go to Busch Gardens on Friday. On Saturday, Tim and I took the two younger ones and went to a few garage sales. It was fun to be outside on such a nice day. We even brought back a few treasures! Anyway, I know I have been abscent from blogging again. Not for lack of things to write about, just lack of motivation to actually write it. Onto Savannah's party. She wanted a Harry Potter themed party this year. Normally, I spent MONTHS planning all the activities for her party. I am not kidding! Months! She had a Cinderella party once. I printed, cut, and laminated a whole set Cinderella themed paper dolls. I think we also did the styrofoam wands that year too. Another year we had a Dora party. We made special Dora bookmarks with the laminator and smiley beads, coloring books, treasure hunt clues and a huge homemade sun pinata. I start months ahead of time searching on the internet for ideas on games, gifts, crafts and decorations. Did I mention that I love planning things? I would even buy things on clearance all year around to give as gifts at her party, etc. But then THIS year happened! You see - I really didn't think we would still be here for her birthday. I thought we would be moved. I figured it would take her awhile to make friends to invite to a party. I figured this birthday would be a family birthday. Not that it would be a small occasion because our family that will live all around us consists of like 20 people! It just wouldn't be the traditional "girl party" she has always had. The thing is that we didn't move! So, I had to come up with a party and a plan. Of course my mom and my sister helped. Savannah first said she wanted a pinata. She always does want a pinata. We couldn't find one that went with Harry Potter in the store and I was too cheap to pay $7.95 SHIPPING to order one. My mom said she would make one with her! GREAT! Then she said she wanted a craft - she always does want a craft! Somehow it popped into my head to let them decorate their own cakes. That took care of the cake and the craft all in one thing. She loved that idea and my mom ordered some special Harry Potter cake stuff. Then we happened to make playdough and Savannah said she would really like to make a lot of playdough and have time to play with that at her party. At the last minute we came up with a treasure hunt, but we never really got to it. They had fun just playing and we didn't really need a whole lot of games. I think they all had a great time even if realtors kept invading the party. As much as I was happy she got to have one more birthday with her friends, I really, really hope we are moved by next year!

Homemade Voldemort Pinata

Savannah takes her turn.

Sebastian takes a turn.

Looking for something over the fence - I have no idea what!

Playing with homemade playdough!

Decorating their mini cakes.

Opening presents.

Singing Happy Birthday!

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