Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sebastian's Birthday

Sebastian celebrated his 3rd birthday two days before Savannah. Yes, it is a busy birthday time for us. He was actually due on Savannah's birthday, but I was induced two days before so I could be home by her birthday. How is that for being a planner? We celebrated with Pizza Hut - one of the few things he will actually eat and chocolate cake! He really liked being sung to and sorta enjoyed opening presents. My mom and Savannah wrapped each of his Cars toys that were on his cake. He wasn't all that happy about having to open each one. He kept telling Savannah "You do it!" I keep saying he is different then my other two and this just further proves it! The others liked to open as much as they could. He just wanted to open a few. Anyway... this was his first birthday where he was really excited about it. We were telling him for the past week that he would have a birthday soon. He would tell me that we would sing Happy Birthday and then would making a blowing out the candles sound! Too cute! Helping with presents!

They are trying to convince him that he wants to take the bows off and tear the paper.

Blowing out those candles!

Me and my baby boy!

Probably not my most exciting decorating on a cake, but it was what he really liked!

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