Sunday, April 09, 2006

The banana story...

You know I used to be able to get Sebastian to eat banana baby food. Then one day I tried real bananas chopped up. He ate them and seemed to like then. Then, just as quickly he wouldn't eat bananas anymore. I stopped giving them to him because he would smash them and make a huge mess. Recently, I noticed if I was eating a banana he would want to eat it. He would eat a piece as long as I broke it off and gave it to him. I tried slicing it and putting him in his chair with one. Nope! He wasn't eating it. Friday night, I was making pizza bread. I was browning hamburger meat. He likes for me to hold him when I cook. Who knows... maybe he is a chef in training. So, I am holding him and I give him a piece of the hamburger. He eats it and appears to love it. Now, normally, he will not eat any type of hamburger. Not served anyway, but he will eat it if I am holding him at the stove? What makes this kid tick? I feel like I am trying to crack a secret code with him. That brings me to the banana story again. Tonight it dawned on me that I had never given him a whole banana to eat. You know, just peeled, but not chopped up. I thought just maybe I should try it. Worst case... I have to clean up mashed banana yet one more time in my life. Well, it worked! He ate the banana! He even laughed because he was getting the whole banana! Yes, I really may be one step closer to understanding the complex mind of an 18 month old! Can you tell I am waiting for Tim to come quiet time was nice... but I think I am ready for it to be over!

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Myrtle said...

It's all over with now. He's tasted real food. He knows that he's been had with the baby food hoax thing. Gee, mom. YOU don't eat baby food!

Wait til he discovers french fries.