Sunday, April 09, 2006

What is going on this weekend?

We have had a pretty good weekend so far. The teens had a car wash on Saturday to try to raise money for a limo for prom. I went to offer help as best I could with my foot gear. We didn't have many cars due to the rain predictions. I still really enjoyed watching the kids have fun. We left there and all the kids wanted to go back to jump on a trampoline at one of their houses. I had told Tim I would be back by 5pm. He was watching Sebastian. I stopped by the house and he told me to go over and have some "girl time" with the other mom's. He kept Sebastian with him and I took Savannah with me to play. I know this sounds like a really simple thing, but I had such a nice time. We just sat around the table and talked for a couple hours. The kids were outside having a blast and I didn't have to chase Sebastian from one thing to the next. It was just what I needed after a really busy week. Then Tim called me and told me he had his mom coming over to sit with the kids after we put them in bed. That way we could run to SuperWalmart alone! Another great restful break! Today, Tim is going fishing with his dad, Savannah ran down to Grandma's, Tim II is out with his friends, Sebastian is napping. I just put a pot of homemade chicken soup on for dinner and that is the biggest plan I have for the day. Maybe a nap or maybe I will catch up on some of my shows I have on the dvr. I guess this has not been the most exciting weekend, but it sure has been nice.

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