Thursday, April 13, 2006

The mystery gift...

When Tim came home tonight, he told me he had to take Savannah to the library to work on an art project. I asked, "What art project?" He asked me, "Do you NEED to know EVERYTHING???" Why, YES, I do! I am the person who is supposed to know what every family member is doing at every single moment, aren't I? I really thought that was in my job description! Apparently, I was wrong... at least I am wrong when it is the night before my birthday! After a gourmet dinner of fish sticks - Tim and Savannah were off to the library. I did notice they took a sketch pad, the important box of colored pencils and some cardstock. Hmmmm... Very peculiar... what could be their mission? They returned about an hour and a half later. They snuck in the front door and right in to the garage/rec room. Not a word to me - straight to the garage. Savannah appear out of nowhere in search of white-out (what a wonderful invention). Then she disappeared just as quickly. About another hour and a half passed by when they both finally emerged from the room. I tried to get a hint of what it was from Tim - NADA! ZIP! ZILCH! He was not going to budge. Then he retreated to his trusty porch swing. AHA! Now, I could interrogate the girl! I tried bribing her with chocolate! I tried threatening her with chores and schoolwork! NOPE! NO WAY! NO HOW! I finally gave in and let the poor child go off to bed. Alas... I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to know what the secret mission was!

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