Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who says you can't go home?

I am betting that only a few people know that I LOVED Bon Jovi when I was a teenager. (Hi Jorge... I hope you are reading this!) Me and my friend, Jorge (short for Jorgena) spent our teen years lusting over Bon Jovi videos and posters. Well, we grew up and most of my thoughts of Bon Jovi went out the window. Until recently... my father-in-law had his half brother come to town. His half brother got him tickets to Bon Jovi. Okay, my father-in-law has NO INTEREST in Bon Jovi. There I am with about the worst stinking cold I have ever had in my life and my husband comes home to tell me that his dad is going to see Bon Jovi in concert. I could have cried except that I had lost my voice and nobody would hear me anyway. That was about 6 weeks ago or maybe 8 weeks ago, who knows... A little while ago. Then this past week I was watching CMT and saw this video. See, I started listening to country music about 11 years ago (much to many people's dismay!) There it is... Bon Jovi singing with a country girl and HEY... I actually like the song! That made me think about being 15 again and hanging out with Jorge and how I bought her a poster for her birthday one year. This isn't the poster I bought, but she had this one. I also remembered how Tim hated my pin on my jean jacket. I wonder whatever happened to that jacket and pin. Hmmm... I loved that jacket and pin. Who says you can't go home??? So join me for a new song from Bon Jovi and a blast back to those great times of my teens.


Karen said...

I saw that video about 3 weeks ago. The funny thing is at that time of my life "secular" music of any kind was banned and most of all MTV. So, I was confused that I was watching this video on CMT that was very obviously a country song and yet so many people were wearing Bon Jovi T-shirts. LOL! I did not know if he was in the video or not because... he was banned from my youth.

Leann said...

Well Kari, I must be one of the few that remembered you like Bon Jovi when you were a teen. I seem to remember you were listening to him when I got married the first time around. Now 22 years later I'm heading for the altar again. I took my time this time in search of a keeper. I think I found one this time. Wow where have the years gone? We've gotten a little older baby sister but hopefully a little more wiser too.

Love Ya