Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Letter Mahem

Last night or should I say early morning, I finished the last of the LETTERS! What are these letters, you ask? This is a dangerous question that leads to a very long story. I haven't posted about this on my blog as of yet, but we put a bid in on 5.19 acres in SC. We asked repeatedly if there were any restrictions for building on the land. My realtor kept saying no way - no restrictions! I knew in my heart this was not true and I found out a couple days before closing that sure enough there were restrictions. That left us with the dilemma of what to do. Do we petion the neighbors to change the restrictions or do we think that God may just have other plans for us? After a few too many "who's on first" conversations with Tim, we decided to pursue changing the restriction. That is how I ended up in Letter Mahem! Basically, we found out that we needed to get 2/3 of the land owners to sign off. There are 22 including our lot of land. I need 14 more signatures. We could make the 9 hour drive up there to knock on doors personally, but we aren't really ready to do that yet. Not that I wouldn't like to actually SEE the land we are buying, but right now is not the right time to head up. I wrote very nice letters explaining that we would just like to build a house for us, add a manufactured home for my mom and sis and leave the single wide mobile home for our oldest son. If you are inclined to pray that at least 14 of these people would just sign the letter and pop in in the SASE envelope... I would be ever so grateful! As for us, we have no idea if we will ever even move to this land. We are looking for direction and just think that a land purchase is an investment either way. I will post pictures of this said land soon.

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