Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Week in review... lots of happenings...

There were several times last week that I wanted to write something, but never got to it. I am sure I am going to find that happens a lot. I guess I will do my best to recap some key events and add some pictures that I took along the way. One of the days, last week, we went to an American Girl event at the library. This was my 3rd time trying to get us to one and I finally made it. I did have to skip my doctor's appointment for my foot, but sooner or later it has to heal, right? We went with two of Savannah's friends so that made it even more fun! They focused on the newest American Girl named Jess. She is a homeschooled girl that is living in Belize. Her parents are on an archeological dig. The library did crafts, games, and food for the girls. It was really nice and I hope we get to do another one again soon.

This isn't very exciting, but someday I will look back on it and laugh... we have some type of curse on our mini-blinds. Timmy broke some of his, I broke some, the dog ruined some others and THEN came Sebastian!!! I subscribe to the theory that you do not have to remove a child from his bed the moment he wakes from a nap. If he is happy playing in his bed, he can stay awhile longer. This theory has usually proved to be a good thing for Sebastian, but occassionally he comes up with bad ideas while he is "playing" in his bed. Here is the evidence. Oh, and yes, I do make sure the cords are up and away from him so he doesn't decide to hang himself! I guess we could move all the room around and put his bed away from the window, but I really am not up for all that work! So, for right now, I just pull them up to where he can't reach them. The problem is he keeps growing and can reach farther and farther! One day when he has children... I will be able to show him these pictures and just LAUGH!!!

This is not particularly interesting either, but again, my kids sure are cute... Savannah and Sebastian were filling the soda drawer for daddy. Sebastian decided that he rather liked the fridge and decided he would just take a seat and stay awhile!


Karen said...

ooh, I love the yellow walls. I thought their room was done in Snoopy with pastel colors.? And that's not his first set of blinds to destroy. LOL!

Myrtle said...

Do blinds and kids mix? When my children were very young we were renting and the blinds always got damaged. I learned that you can take the stoppers out of the very bottom and replace the damaged slats without replacing the entire thing.

Of course the permanent damage to blinds occurred when we owned our own home and expensive blinds. My recently turned four year old took the dog clippers to the strings of the blinds.