Monday, April 03, 2006

Tim II's Birthday

I was thinking about what I would write in my blog all last month. March is always a busy month around our household. We have lots of birthdays and my nieces have spring break during this time. Tim II celebrated his 17th birthday at the beginning of March. I knew it was coming. We planned a pizza party for his friends. It was just around the corner and then it was HERE. My first baby turned 17. How could that be? Where did the time go? Wasn't I just 17 when he was my baby? I told my husband, Tim, that I was thinking that your child turning 17 seemed harder than accepting 18. I keep thinking that you spend a lot of years talking about raising your kids for 18 years. Not that you are really done raising them at 18. God knows my mom is still "raising" me at almost 34! But, you know what I mean... 18 seems to be that magical number every parent talks about. So, I always thought his 18th birthday would be the tough one. Obviously, I am not there yet, but it seems that 17 is the one that has got me. It means there is just one more year left till that big birthday. Just one year, 365 days. Where did the little boy that rode his little motorcycle all over the house go? Now he is driving his real car all over the county. It sure is a good thing that I have another little guy running around or I would probably be a blubbering idiot. There really is something to having kids in every decade! Back to Tim II's birthday festivities. We ordered LOTS of PIZZA - too much really. For the next several days, anytime anyone asked what there was to eat... my answer was the same - PIZZA! We also had lots of ice cream with lots of toppings. This idea always sticks with me because in grade school we had a room party where we got to make our own sundaes. I was fascinated with the whole idea of it. I think the teens enjoyed it as well. My son is 17, he is tall and strong and happy and healthy! I am a lucky mom!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tim, and happy blogging, Mom!

Tabitha said...

its amazing how hes grown. I remember him from when he was 5... luv u Tussie