Monday, April 24, 2006

Easter pictures

I took these pictures of Sebastian at Grandma's house. The Easter Bunny always hides eggs all around Grandma's yard. This was his first time looking for them! He had a blast! Actually, I think he preferred pulling the grass up to actually finding eggs. He did wear himself out and got quite grumpy after that!

Don't you love the hair? Can you tell he just woke up? I still made him play HOT or COLD to find his basket! He always thinks he will find it without my help, but he never does! That is my mom and my sister sitting by him.

Here is little Miss Savannah with her Pony Basket. She found 3 little ponies with lots of hair decorations and stickers. She was very happy! I think the Easter Bunny had her stumped on where to look this time. She was EXTREMELY HOT, but still couldn't seem to locate the basket! She was really surprised to find it in the dryer.

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Karen said...

Boy you better be sure to label those pictures becuase Sebastian look just like Timmy. What a cutie!