Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My foot hurts...

You may or may not have heard that something has been wrong with my foot. I think maybe it has been 6 weeks or so, but honestly I have no idea when it happened. I have been hobbling around for awhile though. At first, I thought it was my sandals. I had gotten them out after not wearing them during "winter". I threw them away because I thought they were the problem! Turns out I threw away perfectly good sandals! After many weeks of trying to convince myself my foot didn't hurt, I gave in and went to the doctor. He x-rayed it and then he did an ultrasound on my foot! That was a new one for me. His conclusion was that I had a stress fracture. He asked me if I dropped anything on my foot. Nope. He asked me if I had hit my foot on anything. Nope. Then it occurred to me that I very distinctly remember being on the phone with my mom about a month ago. I was making dinner and Sebastian came in the kitchen. He wanted something on the counter and he proceeded to tip toe on my foot. He was digging his little toes in between my 1st and 2nd toe bone or whatever you call it. I remember telling him OUCH! That hurts momma! It really stung quite a bit. He did it again, before I was like YEOW, get off my foot! I asked the doctor if that could have caused it and he said that seemed like a really good explanation. Who knew that a toddler could fracture your foot by being curious and into everything? I have to say I was quite relieved that this was the problem. I had been reading online about all sorts cysts and things. They involved needles and I really don't like needles. My next question for the doctor was how do we fix this. First he said I needed to stay off of it for awhile. Exactly the opposite of what I had been doing. I had been trying to walk 2 miles a day and exercise. I am a little bummed because I have been doing so good. Next he wrapped it with a zinc wrap, cotton wrap and some other sticky wrap. Finally, I have a really ugly sock and an even uglier shoe! I can't get it wet and I can't take it off for a week. Showering should be fun! Oh and then there is a car wash we are doing on Saturday. I will be the funny lady with a bag and duct tape over her foot. I told you that my life it never boring! Maybe I should paint my toenails to go with my lovely shoe!

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I hope it feels better soon. Meanwhile, yes, paint them - rainbow colors or something crazy. :)

Eleanor BIT my foot yesterday, but I'm fully recovered now. The big kids are still grossed out by it - I just have to mention it and they erupt in fits of "eeewwww" and "grooooossssss"