Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back from the Florida FPEA Convention...

I just wanted to check in since I am back from the convention. Wow! What a busy, crazy trip! The weekend started off a little rough. Timmy's car decided to break earlier this week. His dad(who just happens to be a mechanic) began troubleshooting it on Wednesday night. He was able to fix one of the problems, but needed more time, different tools, etc. Thursday afternoon, he was stalling again. He took it down to his dad to look at. We had a family dinner planned for Tim's sister, Jessica. It was her birthday. Are you still with me??? Tim worked on Timmy's car for awhile on Thursday night, but was not convinced it was stable enough to drive 2 hours. That does not make for a happy TEENAGER! He pouted and tried to get me to give him my car, etc. We were not going to bend on this. He would just have to ride with me and that was it. After a lot of whining, he agreed. So, this was not how I really wanted to start my weekend. Friday morning, Timmy came in and said he was riding over with another mom because they were going 3 hours earlier than I was. FINE! We finally headed out ourselves and made it there around noon. There was only one speaker I wanted to see that afternoon, so we ate lunch and headed to the vendor hall! I love the vendor hall! It doesn't matter that I really know what I am going to use for school. I still love the vendor hall! It is lively and full of things to look at. We started out at one end and it only took my mom a matter of minutes to find something she HAD to buy for one of my kids! She loves to come and Christmas shop. She buys those things that you can only find at conventions. The seminar that we went to was on Lapbooking by Tobin's Lab. I figured it would be fun to take the little girls in there to put together a lapbook. I really liked the speaker - Tammy Duby - and was fairly convinced I might just let Savannah pick some science topics and make a lapbook for each. We went back to the vendor hall and I purchased the things I knew I was going to use. Things sell out quick and I didn't want to have to order them and wait. So, I grabbed them while they were still there. We left the convention hotel and went to check in at our hotel. Then it was off to Cracker Barrel. It was a long day and I was ready to sleep. We got up the next morning and we ran over for a seminar on science. It was not that great, but I guess it had some good points. We did go to a seminar in the afternoon that I really did enjoy. The speaker was Cynthia Ulrich Tobias. I am even thinking I may get the book to read. I managed to finish all my shopping and spend way too much money. I keep reminding myself it is way cheaper than private school tuition! How can I put a price on teaching my little girl? I think the kids had a great time. Tim II had tons of friends there to to hang around with. Savannah had her cousin and her really great friend to play and swim with! I will post more about my fun purchases later on. I am sure I have more to say about the trip, but my brain is a little tired from it all!

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