Thursday, May 04, 2006

Our homeschool convention is coming soon...

My thoughts for this morning are about the homeschool convention
that is coming up. We have one of the LARGEST and BEST in the country. I had originally thought I wouldn't be going this year. I basically knew what I would be using for school, so why would I go to the convention? Well, to my very pleasant surprise, my sister-in-law - Karen told me she wanted to go this year. You see... I had asked her to go with me since she started teaching Keith and Debi's kids. I really missed having Debi to go with me and not that Karen replaces Debi, but it is really nice to have somebody to buddy up with. No offense to my mom, who graciously started going with me after Debi passed away. I love going with my mom too. It will just be SO MUCH FUN to go with Karen too! To make things even better... my niece will be coming to go with Savannah. They are just 6 weeks apart in age and such good friends. My hope for those two is that they will have the special friendship that Debi and I had. I hope they will always have a special place in their hearts for each other! Even though we live so far apart, I think they have gotten that friendship off to a great start. And if we end up moving there eventually... that will be so wonderful for the two of them. They should have lots of fun at the big pool and doing all the stuff the hotel offers. Then at the end of one of the days, I hope to go to Ghiradelli's for ice cream! If you have not had a sundae from one of their stores... you have not really lived! They have the best ice cream and if I am not mistaken they have a new dark chocolate sundae. I was thinking we could do that one night and then maybe another fun place the other night. Hmmm... something to plan... those are magic words for a person who loves to plan! Oh and then they are staying for a few more days when we get back from the convention... MORE THINGS TO PLAN!!!

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