Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A good friend...

I mentioned a friend named, Vickie, in my last post. That got me to thinking about her. I met her last fall. I have sorta felt that I wasn't as nice as I could have been to her. You see I met her about the same time that Savannah got 13 stitches in her chin and Sebastian threw up for a week straight. To say I was tired and stressed, would be such an understatement. She came by the house a couple of times and I was so scattered that I didn't think too much about inviting her in to visit or anything else. Well, over the last year, she has been such a good friend. She takes Savannah home after co-op, so she can play and jump on the trampolene. She is super kind to my son, who as just about moved in with her! She gave me a ton of toys and clothes for Sebastian. Then just this past weekend she invited some of us homeschoolers over for a sort of end of the year party. She told me it was fine to bring Sebastian. Now, those of you have seen Sebastian in action, will appreciate this. He is into EVERYTHING! She was so understanding and just great. I had a really nice time just talking with the moms and Sebastian wandered around investigating everything. The teens helped with him as well as the younger kids. Anyway, I hope you read this Vickie! Thanks for being my friend!

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