Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Life Monday

Okay, I realize it is TUESDAY, but I just found this today! I liked the question and I wanted to answer it. So, just pretend it is Monday! This comes from another blog - Rachelle's. I don't actually know this person. I just read a blog my sister sent and then that led me to this blog and well... you get the picture. Anyway, apparently, each Monday this very nice person posts a question for you to answer on your blog. Last week's topic was:
My parents named me Kari because...
My Tusie Karen suggested it. Oh, Tusie means Aunt in Romanian in case you were wondering. My dad's family called their aunts - Tusie. We have kept it going down the line. So, my mom was looking for a name and my aunt said, "How about Kari?" My mom loved it because my aunts on my dad's side were Karen and Kathy. My aunt on my mom's side was Carolyn. My mom is named Lynn. So, my name is Kari Lynn. It sorta includes Karen, Kathy, Carolyn and Lynn all in one name. I think one of my kids should name their baby girl, Kalynn. That would include my name - Kari, my mom's name - Lynn and my mother-in-law's name Kathryn all in one name. Not that they are going to ASK me what to name their baby girl anytime soon, but I can think about my not even a blip on the screen grandchildren if I want to!

The topic the week before was:

The Story of How I Met My Spouse

I met Tim in my freshman year of highschool. My very best friend pointed him out to me on the schoolbus. She was saying she was thinking she would like to go to homecoming with
"that guy" and what did I think of him. Well, I didn't think much of anything, I am sorry to say. Not at that particular moment, anyway. Then all of a sudden... out of nowhere... I became interested in who he was. We all sorta sat near each other on the bus and you could sorta hear other's conversations. I heard him talking to another girl one afternoon. They lived in the same apartment complex. He was telling her he lived in "101 Hillstone Road". She said, "What?" and he repeated, "101 Hillstone Road". Now, to back up, I had NEVER really dated a boy. I was incredibly shy. I did NOTHING on my own and I was not OUTGOING in any way, shape or form. Anyone who knew me would have said I was very shy. So, what happened next I can only say was because that was the way God wanted it to be. My friend and I walked to the little grocery store down the road. We had to pass by the apartment complex that Tim lived it. I found myself drawn to turn down the road instead of just going to the store like our normal daily routine. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of 101 Hillstone Road. I did not have a plan and really had no idea why the heck I was there. Poof! I walked up and rang the doorbell. Tim answered the door. I don't think he had any idea who I was or why I was there. I, for the life of me, cannot remember what I said to him. I do remember we ended up sitting on the stoop and talked for some time. That day turned into days and those days turned into months and those months have turned into years.

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