Thursday, May 18, 2006

Magic Eraser... Have you tried one of these?

Awhile back somebody mentioned a Magic Eraser on my homeschool board. They were all raving about how wonderful these things were. It is truly amazing the influence a message board can have on me because... you guessed it... on my next trip to Target, I - indeed- did purchase a Magic Eraser. Well, to be really truthful, I purchased the Target knock off of a Magic Eraser because anyone who knows me knows that I am way too cheap to pay full price for a name brand unless I absolutely have to. I don't remember when I used this little invention the first time. I just remembered I thought it worked pretty good. Then, just today, I remembered I had that box up there in the pantry. I pulled one of those little gems out and I went to cleaning. I cleaned doors, light switch plates, my foot after foot of white chair rail, baseboards, etc. This little Magic thing cleaned up pencil, syrup, crayons, sticky fingerprints (all courtesy of Sebastian), dog grime (yes, I know - YUCK), dirt, black marks from who knows what and the list goes on. All in under 20 minutes! Granted, I do not have a huge house, but still... My mother also told me just last week that these things work great on blinds. Who knew??? Oh and as a caution, I heard it does bad things to car paint. I have a recoated bathtub that I was told to treat the way I would treat car paint, so no Magic Eraser on that tub! If you are influenced as easily as I am by the written word, you should RUN out to Target or Walmart or I guess a grocery store (even if you will pay more money for absolutely no good reason) and buy a Magic Eraser or its knock off cousin that goes by the name of "Clean Up Eraser". I am so glad I could enlighten your cleaning life... if somebody has got to do it... it may as well be me!


Karen said...

I absolutely love them too. I love how easily they remove black scuff marks off of our vinyl floor! Those may not be good for the car but I'll tell you what is: I love using the grab it dust rags on the dashboard of the car. It picks everything up on the first swipe!

Leann said...

We use them at work when a resident moves out. Our maintenance man loves us when we can get the marks off the doors, walls and baseboards because that means he doesn't have to repaint.