Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last week in review...

Gosh, I couldn't believe I hadn't posted anything since prom pictures. Last week was REALLY busy. It was our last scout meeting, last co-op meeting, and then end of co-op show. I am really struggling to remember what we were doing all the time, but I know I was busy. I guess it was just work and school and house stuff. I am wondering if I am getting senile. I should be able to remember last week, right? When in doubt, I refer to my digital camera. What was so important for me to take pictures of? That should refresh my memory! Aha! I have pictures of our last co-op class. Tim was able to come with us for the very first time. He brought 4 different snakes for my kids to see. Wow! They were so excited. The teens were pretty excited too.

These are pictures from a class we did awhile back. The kids used sharpies and rubbing alcohol to make "tie dye" t-shirts. It was an experiment in what happens to different kind of molecules when you mix certain ones together. In this case, the ink molecules spread out.

Thursday was a bit crazy. I had an afternoon meeting at work. I rushed out of there to rush home to pick up one husband, drop off one baby, and dash up to our co-op church for the end of the year show. A wonderful friend, Vickie, took Savannah up there for me, so she would not be late. We made it just in time. The kids put on a nice show and I think both me and Tim really enjoyed it. I was even pleasantly surprised to see that Tim II had showed up with his friends to watch the little ones perform. You know I don't think I would have done that when I was a teenager. Just one more reason I am happy I homeschool. My kids may fight, but when it comes down to it... they are a lot closer to each other because they are always together. They would have missed that had they been in school all this time. Granted the teens just wanted to visit with each other as well! Anyway, those were the main highlights of the week.

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