Thursday, May 11, 2006

We are going back... to St. John USVI...

Last year Tim and I went to St. John for our 15 year wedding anniversary. At the time, we said it was a luxery that we wouldn't be able to do again for some time. Well... it is as amazing luxury, but thanks to a discount airline and some frugal accomodation shopping... it is a luxury that we can make come true at least one more time. I was struggling with the decision to not plan a larger family vacation and go off with just the two of us. It basically comes down to the fact that Sebastian is too young to do much vacationing with, Tim II pretty much has his own agenda, and Savannah would be happy spending time fishing with her dad. This made us decide that just for one more year we would not plan a family vacation and spoil ourselves a bit. Hmmm... in my best vacation dreams... I will be able to figure out how to take the kids and us back next summer for a graduation celebration for Tim II. But... that is thinking a little too far down the line! We will probably take the kids to SC to visit. They love seeing their cousins and that has always been one of their biggest requests. My mom and I are also thinking about taking Savannah and Sebastian to Williamsburg in the fall. Can you tell I love planning and thinking about travel options! For now, we have this one trip booked and just a couple months to go! I am already checking the calendar daily!

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