Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do you have any idea how many gel crystals are in a single diaper???

I can tell you it is A LOT!!! Why do I know this, you ask??? You see, I double diaper Sebastian for bedtime. That means that I take a diaper and tear a part of the covering off of the front, then I put a second diaper on top of that. I used to do this with Timmy too. It is the ONLY way they stay dry all night. Last night, I put him to bed in a one piece type jumper thingy - real technical term. Not his regular short bottom and top jammies. This morning, he thought it sounded like a grand idea to wiggle out of that outfit. He took his diapers off and proceeded to THROW the gel crystals EVERYWHERE! How lovely! He looked petrified when Savannah got me to come in their room. I seriously wonder what his little mind was thinking! I guess only he knows. These are the days I will look back on and laugh when I am older. I keep reminding myself it is such a short, short time.

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Karen said...

LOL! No, but Jennifer had to vacuum a bunch of them up recently due to a dog she was house sitting for who got into the garbage. BLECH!