Saturday, June 17, 2006

Can you explain this to me?

Savannah has been watching Little House on the Prairie at her friend's house. She got to act out some of it with them and had a wonderful time. She now wants to watch every episode. Great! Right? Well, here is the thing. She was saying that she was the youngest girl, Mary. I was like ummm... Mary was the oldest. She says NO! That is not right. Okay, can somebody please tell me how my little girl that is 7 years old can tell me the logistics of a show that has been off the air for how many years? I know you are saying these are just one of those things kids do and you have to let it go. I know and I will, but first I had to start remembering "my little house days". Little House on the Prairie was on from 1974 to 1983. I was just 2 years old when it started. Obviously, I don't remember watching at 2 years old. I do remember watching it from the time I was probably 4 on up. We must have watched reruns as well, because I am fairly certain I have seen most of them. I distinctly remember my sister, Leann, (hi Leann) insisting we watch it. I would like to tell you about the PRE-remote control before the invention of what we now know today as a remote control. See, we had a typical turn the knob big console TV. Somebody broke the channel changing knob. I have no recollection of it ever being there, so I don't know when it happened. My parents improvised with a PLIERS to change the channel. So, the keeper of the pliers was in control of what channel we watched. I know it is not nice to name names, but let's just say there was a certain sister who liked to be in control. I remember my brother saying he hated Little House on the Prairie and then the fighting that would happen next. Leann always won! (Oh, I forgot I wasn't naming names.) Okay, back to my present day story... so Savannah is telling me that Mary is the youngest. I go on to tell her that Carrie was the youngest. I always thought about Carrie because we shared a name. Then I suddenly remembered that they had another baby girl named Grace. I told her you never really got to see that baby all that much and I didn't know what happened to her. Next I told her that Mary went blind and then married a blind guy, Adam, and started a school for the blind. AGAIN, she tells me NO - that is not what happens to Mary! Ahem... where does she get this stubborn nature? (La, la, la, I can't hear those people saying it is from her mother!) Well, I located that Little House is on the Hallmark Channel at 4pm each day. I feel as though I must enlighten her to the truths of this show. It is my duty, right? I know she won't believe me when I say that Laura married Almanzo (I always loved saying his name- ALMANZO!) Or she will be telling me that Nellie was a nice girl! I just can't have it. And does she even know about poor Albert? Probably not. My work is just beginning - there is a whole frontier to teach her about.


Leann said...

You Go Girl! You be sure to straighten out my niece before she starts taking Mrs. Olsen's side. Oh and don't forget the part about Nellie marrying Perciville. He was the only one that could straighten her out.:)

Karen said...

Hey, in the books, wasn't Grace actually Laura's baby who died in a house fire?

Leann said...

I believe Rose was Laura's baby but it may have been different in the books.