Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tim got me a new laptop!

Okay, I went to the store with him and actually picked it out and paid for it. So, why do I say he got me a laptop? Because he convinced me that I could let myself have a laptop. I really, really WANTED one, but I am not so sure we NEEDED one. I find myself feeling guilty for getting one just because I want a new toy. We just gave Savannah her own AOL screenname and now she has been standing in line waiting for her turn for the computer. So, that makes 4 people trying to use one computer and while I realize that is better than many have... it sure can be a pain sometimes. And before we know it, Sebastian, will be playing preschool games on the computer. Alright, those were my best reasons for "needing" it, but I guess it all comes down to that I just really, really wanted it! I am sitting on my couch using the wireless connection, while Tim sits right next to me in his rocking chair watching a movie. That promotes family togetherness, right? Did I mention that I really LOVE technology? Just think... I can blog on the couch, I can blog on the porch, I can blog in my bed, I can blog while Sebastian takes his bath, I can blog while Tim researches fish and reptiles, I can blog while I am on vacation! Oh, what a new and wondrous ability!

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Karen said...

How cool is that!! No need to feel guilty. Apparently, computers and cable have turned into modern day necessities. When I was working in the public schools, even the kids living in public housing still had internet access and cable. They couldn't afford winter jackets or backpacks for school but they always had cable and internet!