Friday, June 09, 2006

Today is our wedding anniversary...

Somehow 16 years have passed since these pictures were taken. I am not sure how exactly! Today has been a good day. A typical day, but when I really think about it - a good day. I woke up beside my husband this morning and cuddled with him. I told him "Happy Anniversary" in a sleepy voice and he replied with a sleepy "Happy Anniversary". He called me on his lunch hour like he always does and told me again. The rest of the day has been our usual routine. We are going to go out to eat when he gets home. Then we are going fishing for awhile. So, what do I think about when I think about the last 16 years? For the most part, they have been good. We have had lots of happy times and lots of blessed moments. Don't get me wrong, we have sure had "those" times. Honestly, there was a whole year when I had to remind myself to "BE NICE" to my husband. My sister-in-law, Debi, and I shared the little joke of the "BE NICE" phrase. I had told her that was my motto for the year and she kept me accountable to it. But, overall, we are lucky. We have grown up together and we fit together. Clark Gable said the following quote once and it stuck with me.

"The most important thing a man can know is that, as he approaches his own door, someone on the other side is listening for the sound of his footsteps."
I remember the first summer we were married. Tim would come home on his lunch hour with our little blue Chevette. He would drop it off, so I could take the car. Then he would take his motorcycle back to work. I watched the clock all morning waiting for him to come home. I was excited to see him! It has been 16 years since then and at the end of the day, I find myself looking at the clock every few minutes because I know he will be calling me on his way home. Then when we hang up from talking, I keep watching the clock because I know he will be home very soon. I am still excited to see him!

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Leann said...

Happy Anniversary you two. I'm glad you made it through all these years and wish you many more happy years. It's definitely nice to have someone to come home to. I get excited everytime 3:00 approaches and I get off of work and can drive down the road and around the corner and I see Chris's van and I know it will only be a few minutes til I see him. Love Ya.