Friday, June 02, 2006

My convention purchases...

Here is what we have on the agenda for Math... Bob Jones 3. Then my sil showed me the Addition Adventures. You have to solve the math problems to get the numbers to solve a riddle type question. Finally, my friend, Vickie, lent me Times Tables the Fun Way.
These are our Pathway Readers. They don't have a very exciting look, but Savannah really loves the stories.

Next up... Handwriting Without Tears and Explode the Code. I actually already had the next workbook, but I bought her a writing workbook to keep practicing in once she zips through the workbook. These are the last two Explode the Code books. I am sure Savannah will be SO HAPPY to see them be gone after that!
These are some of our science things. I am sorta winging it on science this year. I bouth Dinah Zikes Big Book of Science to get some lapbooking ideas. My friend, Susie, got a different lapbook guide. We are thinking we can pull the two together and get some great idea. I just got some of the little sticker type books to add to the lapbooks. Finally, my mom HAD TO HAVE this frog book. She was going to buy it if I didn't and she had already bought way too much stuff... so I went ahead and got it. I figured we could get some tadpoles and do a lapbook on frogs.

I actually bought this Children's Art Journal last year, but decided it was a bit too old for her last year. I think it will be just right for this year

I bought some things from Corps of Rediscovery to go along with her history study. I couldn't post a picture because I am thinking I will give them to her for one of her birthday presents. I got her a make your moccasin kit and a really nice Lewis and Clark compass. This booth had really cool pioneer stuff. I also bought myself a t-shirt and Savannah a t-shirt. I think that covers it except for a few odds and ends of gifts for other family members. Between this stuff and my Winter Promis and Amazon order... we should be pretty busy next year!


Karen said...

OK, how do you manage to get your pictures and blogs up so quickly! I am not even a full time Mom, but you beat me anyway.

Kari C in FL said...

It is cheaper than a therapist... there is something about writing stuff on the blog that is very relaxing! LOL!