Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nutrition 101

We are not the most nutritious eating family. I do try to do what I can. My kids don't like veggies. Well, for that matter, Tim and I don't really care for much of them. We like a few here and there, but you get the idea. We all do enjoy fruit. Okay, I guess Tim doesn't really but he will eat the occasional fruit to get me to shut up. A friend of mine gave my kids some Hi-C ice pops. They liked them and I was going to get some. I haven't been able to find them at Walmart, Sam's Club, or Target. I don't do grocery stores. I am sure that is probably where they came from and I will ask her if I ever think about it. So, we are at Sam's Club and I decide to just get the Flavor Ice pops. Here is my problem with these... my kids don't like certain flavors. Those flavors end up on the bottom of my pantry. Eventually, a box or something breaks one open and I have a mess. Then I don't buy the stupid things for at least a year. I also have noticed that for some unknown reason these ice pops make us all choke for no apparent reason at all. But... I have had lots of kids over and I thought cold, ice pops would be good to have on hand. The big box goes on the bottom of the cart. Next, I go to look by the juice to see if there might be the other ones because I am hard-headed and can't believe you can only get these Hi-C ones in the grocery store. Well, they didn't have them in the juice. All of a sudden, a lightbulb goes off. You know the homemade popsicle thingies most of us have clutter a drawer or cabinet??? Yes, I have those! I have had them since Timmy was little. How many times have I actually used them? Well, let's just say that is a small number. Brilliant mom asks Savannah if she would like to make her own popsicles. Of course! I remove huge box of sugar water ice pops from my cart and instead get apple and orange juice. This is for a whole 'nuther story about how Savannah and Sebastian cannot eat or drink anything the same and make my life easier. Apple juice for her and orange juice for him. We came home and made popsicles. I knew she would eat them, but I was not sure he would. He will occasionally drink OJ, but it is hit or miss. I casually give him an apple juice one because that was what we had first. He was very cautious, but in the end... he ate it! Hooray! I actually got at least a serving of fruit into his body! We moved on to the OJ ones later and this he liked very well. It is a small thing, but it sure makes me happy!

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Hope in Canada said...

A few popsickle ideas:

buy a flavour juice concentrate you like add vit. C crystals and freeze in popsickle containers.

use joghurt and real fruit, or just fruit juice concentrate. (Very yummy and nutritious)

Use Joghurt and honey and vanilla.

You get the idea.