Monday, June 19, 2006

Our weekend with TWO outings...

Yes, I actually went out TWICE this weekend. I know that is absolutely amazing! My mom and my sister, Michelle, gave us a gift certificate to our favorite Mexican place. We didn't use it on our anniversary because he wanted to go fishing, so we went out Friday night. It could have been completely uneventful and it pretty much was, but this one small thing happened that I think we will probably laugh about for years. Here is the story:
We seat ourselves and the waitress comes over. She asks us about drinks. He very clearly orders a COKE and I order an ice water with lemon. We always order this anywhere we go. She comes back with two ice waters with lemons. We nicely correct her and tell her he would like a coke. She looks a little ticked, but brings him a coke. I gladly snag a second lemon for my water. We order dinner and life is good. She walks by and dumps ICED TEA in his half glass of COKE. I tell her that she just put tea in his coke and she gives me this look like I am the biggest pain in the you know what. Hello... we didn't ask for a refill. They charge for refills and his glass was still pretty full. She just decided to dump tea in there. She very snottily asks if he NEEDS another coke. Well, hmmm... I am eating hot, Mexican nachos, I may very well like to wash that down with that coke I had ordered and was quite enjoying. A very long time seems to pass and she finally comes back with his coke. Back to our nice dinner. We get the check and he looks it over to see if she charged him twice for his coke. No, not because we are poor and on the verge of bankruptcy, but because it was her mistake. Well, she didn't charge for two cokes, but she did charge us $1.55 for "agua w/ lemon". Huh? They give you a small glass of water for free, as many as you want. So, if I get a lemon slice with a larger glass of water, it is $1.55. Call me cheap, but I think that is nuts! And, no, I don't order water to be cheap... I really pretty much only drink water. If I am paying $1.55, I would like a small dish of lemons! LOL! We did not contest the bill, we were ready to go home. We are faced with the dilemma of loving the food and hating the service. I think we will try their other location and see if it is better there.

Our next outing was very nice. We went to the movies with our son, Tim II, a lady friend that he likes, her parents, her brother and another male friend of our son's. Our good son treated us to the movies for Father's Day and a belated Mother's Day gift! Very nice! We saw The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. I really liked it! I know that probably sounds surprising, but I really did enjoy this movie. I actually liked the first The Fast The Furious as well. I didn't so much like the second one. The funny thing about this last one is that it stars, Lucas Black, from Sling Blade. So, Tim and I spent too much time imitating Billy Bob Thorton saying something like "I need to sharpen my them thar sling blade hmmm... hmmmm..." If you have seen the movie, you know just what we are talking about. If you haven't, (like my mom) we just sound like nutcases. Tim leaned over to Timmy in the middle of the movie and did his best impression of good ole' Billy Bob. Good thing Timmy wasn't sipping his soda because he just lost it laughing! A very enjoyable night out!

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