Monday, June 19, 2006

My Life Monday

I am actually going to do this on Monday... no pressure... it may not always be Monday, but this week it just happens to be Monday! HOORAY! This week's topic in honor of Father's Day:

Tell us what makes your spouse great!

Wow, now there is a topic. I know most people think their spouse is great. At least I hope they do. But, seriously, my husband is REALLY GREAT! I mean he is. I know you are saying that I am just saying that because he is my husband. No, really, even if he weren't my husband, I would say he was great. He is just this really nice guy. He is fun to talk to and pretty easy going. Not to mention, he is really quite good looking. Actually, I think he gets better looking the older he gets and I find that incredibly unfair! So, specifically, what makes him great?
  1. He is a wonderful, terrific, fantastic, magnificent dad. He listens to his kids and they love to talk to him. They meet him at the door and can't wait to share whatever is on their minds. He wants these kids to be happy more than any other single thing.
  2. He buys me chocolate. Even if I am trying to lose weight. He knows it is my one very favorite thing in the whole wide world to indulge in. He knows that I love it with probably way too much enthusiasm. He doesn't look at me like I am eating all those calories, blah, blah, blah!
  3. He keeps his promises. Now, there are some who may read that and say, huh? Aren't you always nagging him to finish this or do that? Well, yes, I do nag. I admit it. I mean the really big promises. You see, I met him when I was 14 years old. He says he knew I was it right from the start. He asked me to be his family and that he would take care of me and stick around. At 16 years old, I took that step and he kept his promise. He has stood by me no matter what and did exactly what he told me he would do. So, he keeps the really big promises and yes, he even does most of the little ones too.
  4. He smells amazing! He just does! There is nothing like walking into my bedroom in the middle of the day and catching that scent from his pillow.
  5. He loves my family. He cares about them and knows they are people that I feel responsible for. He adores my mom and would do anything for her.
  6. He lets me talk endlessly. He may not follow all that I am saying, but he will let me talk until I can't talk anymore.
  7. He can fix just about anything. We have a spot on the counter and it seems Savannah puts every broken thing there for him to fix. He fixes the big things too. If the water heater breaks, I don't even hesitate to think that he will just take care of it.

I am sure there are many, many more things to write, but I like the number 7, so I will stop there. Wow! That was sorta fun, listing some of the great things. Good thing he didn't just tick me off or this could have been a really different post! Just kidding!

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Rachelle said...

What a great list! Thanks so much for sharing and participating. Maybe I will call dh and have him bring me some chocolate home from work. :)